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超越想象的CREATIVE, 电影视频后期制作专业Studio

Real D Square 是紧随快节奏的内容变化时代步伐的电影视频后期制作专业企业。 基于专业制作诀窍的多年积累,为国内外诸多客户提供高品质的内容。 过硬的制作技术及基于自主开发的内部工具优化工作流程,使得在世界第一二位电影市场的美国,中国都得到了认可。为了成为内容领域的全球领导者,基于积极和创造性思维,不断开辟新的业务领域而努力。 Real D Square 业务不仅包含得到世界认可的立体影像制作业务,还提供CG/VFX、影像制作R&D及通过制作投资的影像制作的“OneStop Service”。

CREATION beyond the limits of imagination. post-production studio specializing in film and video.
Real D Square Co., Ltd. is a post-production studio specializing in film and video and is making progress in the world in the age of changing contents. We have been producing and providing high-quality contents to our domestic and overseas clients through our technology and know-how accumulated through many years of content production. In addition, we have been recognized for its technology and image quality in the main markets of the world such as USA and China based on excellent production quality, optimized pipeline and in-house tool. Furthermore, RealD Square is working with a positive and creative mind to pioneer a new business area that utilizes digital contents and to become a global market leader in contents field. Real D Square provides OneStop Service for post-production of videos such as CG / VFX, video technology research, production investment and 3D stereoscopic video Conversion which is recognized both inside and outside.

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3D Conversion

3D Conversion

参与中国,美国公司制作的多数票房大卖大作而积累的Real D Square 专有的技术和诀窍为基础,为客户提供世界超一流品质的服务。

We will satisfy our customers with the best quality and service in the world based on the technology and know-how of Real D Square who has participated in many major titles produced in USA and China.

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Visual FX

Real D Square专门进行‘CG 合成(Compositing)’,也提供CG/VFX, Rotoscoping, Painting, Wire Removal 等服务。

Real D Square specializes in 'CG Compositing' and provides CG / VFX, Rotoscoping, Painting and Wire Removal services.

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New Media / R&D


We are planning and developing contents that can cope with various media in the new media age. We are also developing video production solutions and systems based on practitioners through corporate research institutes.

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